Reflections From A Visitor

Sitting on a stone bench near the top of the hill, just below the Chapel, one is immediately impressed with the natural beauty of this setting.

All around are the forested hills of this part of Indiana, and nestled at the bottom of this hill are the buildings that are part of the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center.

For all of us who are fortunate to be able to come here often, the Farm feels like a precious gift we have been given. There is a wonderful sense of being home, a feeling of being part of a community.

As one walks the grounds, it is difficult to remember how it used to be back in 1990. This was a family farm, the home of Jim and Ruth Ann Wade, where they had raised their three daughters. This land might have remained their home, their farm. However, God called, and Ruth Ann said “yes.”

She could have said no, for God gives us the gift of free will.
She could have ignored the Messages she had been receiving.
She could have continued the comfortable life she knew, surrounded by family and the animals she loved.
Instead, she said “yes,” and every aspect of their lives began to change.

Her sacrifice has been a tremendous blessing for all who visit the Farm.
Because she said “yes,” many others in years to come will be able to sit on that stone bench, enjoy the view, feel the peace of this place of prayer, and thank God for the gift given to all who visit.